In August, I visited the most haunted place in Jamaica: Rose Hall Mansion. The ghost of Annie Palmer, aka “The White Witch” is said to roam its grounds.

The house was built around 1770 and was a sugar plantation of over 2,000 acres. In the 1780s, it’s owner was John Palmer, who lived there with his wife Annie. When John died at age 42 he left everything to her. Sadly, over 2,000 enslaved Jamaicans were on the property as well.

It is said that Annie was born in the UK to an English mother and Irish father, and spent her childhood in Haiti where her nanny, a voodoo priestess (lol stereotypes) taught her everything she knew. After Annie’s parents died of yellow fever, she moved to Jamaica where she allegedly poisoned 3 of her husbands before marrying John.

Annie is said to have been a vicious plantation owner who regularly whipped, tortured, abused, and murdered the people enslaved at Rose Hall. She also took some enslaved men as lovers, with a man nicknamed “Takoo” being her favourite. Takoo is said to have been skilled in light and dark magic.

In retribution, a nighttime rebellion occurred; ending with Takoo strangling Annie to death in her bedroom and the now-free people burning all of her possessions and portraits. A ritual was performed to lock Annie’s soul inside the tomb but it was incomplete.

The mansion collapsed into ruins until it was eventually restored as a historical site in the 1960s. Today, accounts of strange sounds, odd reflections in mirrors, and ghostly apparitions surround Rose Hall. Some folks who’ve taken objects from the property (like stones from the garden) report having a series of bad luck until the item is returned. Others claim to have photographed ghostly apparitions in Annie’s favourite mirror. Many believe this ghost to be Takoo watching over the property and keeping the living safe.

On the flip side, historians say Annie was an average woman of meek disposition who lived a short, unremarkable life.

What do y’all think? Didn’t experience anything weird myself but it was a good day to learn and reflect.

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